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About Honest Scales Recycling

Over the years, we've remained committed to our core values of honesty, fairness, and environmental responsibility. That means providing transparent weight measurements using certified scales, offering competitive market rates for your scrap metal, and maintaining a clean, organized facility that prioritizes both customer experience and environmental impact.

We're proud to serve a diverse clientele, from individuals cleaning out their garages to major industries with ongoing scrap metal needs. Whether you're a contractor with leftover building materials, a homeowner with unwanted appliances, or a business looking for a responsible recycling partner, Honest Scales Recycling is here to help.

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Did you know that metal is one of the most recyclable materials on earth? Unlike plastic or paper, metal can be recycled repeatedly without losing its valuable properties. Here at Honest Scales Recycling, we're committed to making metal recycling a convenient and rewarding experience for everyone.

Whether you're a homeowner cleaning out your garage, a contractor with leftover building materials, or a business with industrial scrap, we offer a seamless way to turn your unwanted metal into cash. Our state-of-the-art recycling facility allows us to process a wide variety of metals, including:

By choosing to recycle your scrap metal at Honest Scales Recycling, you're not just making some extra cash, you're also contributing to a sustainable future. Metal recycling conserves natural resources, reduces landfill waste, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions compared to virgin metal production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We accept a variety of metals, see our Accepted Metals list to see what we allow!

  • Yes, we accept a wide range of items including appliances, tools, construction refuse, electronics, scrap metal, and more.

  • Yes! we welcome anyone looking to get rid of their scrap metal! Small and large quantities.

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See what our customers are saying about Honest Scales Recycling. Our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience. Read more reviews or let us know how your visit was!

  • Took care of business. Had equipment to unload my trailer of bikes and riding mowers without me having touch much of anything. Over 1000 lbs of iron scrap in two crane grips. And it was appreciation day with a catered lunch, Steve Miller The Back 40

    John M.
  • Very honest and helped me identify metals and seperate them. Theyll weigh right in front of you and give you a weight ticket unlike alot of places. Best spot around!

    Astian P.
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